When's the Last Time You Looked Under the Hood?

Arrange for gas engine repair at our auto shop

Shaking, smoking, overheating... gas engine problems are pretty noticeable, even to the untrained eye. When you suspect you have problems under the hood, turn to Lone Star Automotive and Diesel Service for auto repair. Whether you need a radiator replacement, a full engine overhaul, or your transmission repaired you can rest assured our team will get the job done right the first time.

Just need an oil change or a basic tune-up? We can do that, too. Reach out to our team today to let us know what you need.

Does your vehicle need an engine overhaul?

Does your vehicle need an engine overhaul?

Without a functioning engine, your car is useless. When you suspect engine troubles, you need to take your car into the shop immediately. If you notice…

  • Increased oil usage
  • An abnormally loud engine
  • Black smoke coming from under the hood
  • Puddling oil under your parked vehicle

… bring your car into our shop ASAP. A vehicle with a malfunctioning engine can be dangerous to you and anyone else on the road.